Making Content Effective!

When you hear the word ‘content’ or even the words like ‘content creation’ etc. you may think “Hey! That’s easy! Anybody could do that” but in all honesty, not everybody could do that. It’s a bit more complicated and difficult than what you think. What makes it so? Let’s find out but before that we need to define content and what a content strategy is about.

What's content?

Essentially it’s things such as texts you find on a website, images that you see on social media handles, videos etc. Yep. It isn’t just text but rather all of those things that you use to engage with your customers!

Don’t underestimate the power of content though, sometimes businesses fail when their content is not effective. As a business, the content you put out on your websites or the videos you upload or the pictures must all be engaging, something that makes people want to explore you even more.


What's content strategy?

Here, you decide what form of content would you focus on and if its videos, then what about your videos makes it so special or fun to watch. Your content strategy has to be aligned with your business goals, if not, well you got a failing business. If you focus on the wrong type of content or use the wrong stuff within your content, it could go haywire real quick.

So... How can you make it more effective?

Just sit back and think to yourself, who is this content meant for? Me? No. your customers. Would you wanna read something that does not try to relate to you or seem personalised? No. you wouldn’t because it would feel like you are wasting your time.

Making your content effective has to do with understanding your customers, it may seem like the right thing to do when doing any content is to start off immediately. But, when running a business your content has to be planned ahead, you have to understand your customer behaviour and needs to ensure that the content you are putting out makes them come back for.

In one sentence, “Think from the customer’s perspective”.

“While it’s tempting to pull back, we believe that companies that double down on growth will not only rebound faster but will also emerge stronger as a result. “

Let’s explain further with the help of an example of hmm… a digital marketer (who essentially helps develop a good website, design an instagram, facebook strategy etc.) ! Before this digital marketer can decide on what to put up on his website or social media, he has to understand his customers, their needs, their behaviour etc. Many of the clients of a digital marketer would not have much of an idea on what it’s all about. If that was the case, would you want your customers to read paragraphs upon paragraphs of technical marketing words? Obviously not, since most would not be familiar with such words! And that?s it! You just need to understand your customers to help design videos, pictures, texts etc. for them!

So… the next time you have to create content, sit back and think of your customers and then go ahead.

“The importance of SEO is unquestionable and it’s a boost that can help your business be discoverable to the users on the Internet.”

What do you think?

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