Things you can do improve your business during the lockdown

It’s understandable all the SMEs are undergoing a tough time during the phase of 21 day lock down. Companies specifically in the manufacturing and trading will face a major impact. I may not be a great analyst to give great solutions. But here are some effective tips that will help you reform your business when you are back to business after the lock down.

Structure / Restructure Process Flows.

During this period you can self-evaluate the process flows in the company. You can have a conference call with the team members and take the positive and negative points related to the existing process flow. Consider their feedbacks and try restructuring the process flow.

Get Ready with the Data

Have the team work on their respective data . This is the time sales team can work on fulfilling the CRM software. Analysing the new areas where they haven’t acquired business. The sales team can list down unexplored leads, unexplored new areas, and unexplored verticals. You can probably plan new sales strategies based on the data. Same goes with the other data’s as well.

Concentrate on Marketing Initiative

Analyse the marketing expenditure made over the past 3 to 5 years. Do an evaluation on what is the return on Investment you have made so far. You can split the activities into two one is traditional marketing and Digital marketing. You can analyse ROI for both the activities. Have a marketing call to understand what the team feels. One thing you will definitely see is the traditional expenditure would be high compared to your digital expenditure. Try considering revising digital marketing expenditure. You always get free consulting from few digital marketing companies.

Recreate the Profile content

Be it traditional or digital marketing initiative having a great corporate profile plays an important role. During the peak business days you would be finding it difficult to recreate the brochures or power point presentations. Now this is the time to unleash your creativity and start creating some fresh new content for your corporate profile. Once you are ready you can call up +91-98430-10115 to get creative resources to your office and get all the required work done with help of retainer resources @ affordable prices.

“While it’s tempting to pull back, we believe that companies that double down on growth will not only rebound faster but will also emerge stronger as a result. “

Modify your website / Redesign the website

Most of the SMEs really don’t concentrate on the look and feel of their website. They are just created for the sake of doing it. The business owner has to take the real feedback of the website. Send it across to 5 long term clients and 5 new clients take their honest opinion that will definitely create a great impact. List down the purpose of the website, check if all of them are met.

Common mistakes found in the website.

We will talk about the same in detail in the next blog.

Get Business from Website

Does the website really solve the purpose of getting you new business. List down the products or services that you plan to sell. See if you get listed on the first page of Google for the required key phrases with specification to location. Check if the business details are listed properly in Google & other digital Medias. At Mindmade we are ready to help you get a proper Keyword Analysis report absolutely free of cost.

Encourage your customers to engage in online conversations with your business. Run an online ad campaign to attract more customers and divert them to real-time online conversations. Offer coupon codes, vouchers, discounts, etc to retain your customer base.

So that’s it as far as the effective measure during lockdown is concerned. Anyways the most important thing here is to Stay Home and Stay Safe. Let’s All Fight Together and Send this Deadly Corona Virus Out of this world.

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