Dissatisfaction into application development: The story of Shopify

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Have there ever been times when you felt like “ohh! I wish I could create an output that was superior to the current one.”.

Haven't you?

We all would have got this thought in our minds. But Mr. Tobias Lutke and Scott Lake converted their dissatisfaction into a viable venture this was the birth of Shopify. Lutke and Scott wanted to develop an online store for their business called snowdevil. Dissatisfied with the then-existing software they built their development application.



Let me explain in layman’s terms

Shopify is a platform for developing e-commerce stores. This allows businesses to set up stores online, that use cloud-based software. An important and notable feature is the ease in the use of this platform which is best suitable for start-ups.

Shopify has the second largest market share in the e-Commerce platforms. The main motive of Shopify is “empowering business owners everywhere. “

Since the pandemic beginning, there has been a pull for Shopify and their users have multiplied over the period. Because businesses have understood the importance of creating their digital presence.

Perks of utilizing Shopify

Shopify is an application that is being used by some of the top brands and personalities. Which belongs to different industries:

This is the exact reason why 1.58 million website uses Shopify as the platform for development. Their daily active users sum up to 3 million and more. Globally Shopify has a market share of 20%.

“While it’s tempting to pull back, we believe that companies that double down on growth will not only rebound faster but will also emerge stronger as a result. “

Procedures for opening an e-commerce store

Once you have your products and other necessities ready to start an online store the following procedures can be followed :

1. Create a Spotify account: give your Gmail address and create a strong password, then give your store name
Then select your monthly subscription according to the different plans

2.Select a theme and add product details
Give the payment getaway details

3.Now you will have questions regarding the other technical requirements. That’s where Mindmade comes into action.

Mindmade Technology using Shopify

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