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Email Marketing companies in coimbatore

Do you want to upsell your current customers? or Build the Brand or Attract New Customers?

Mindmade is the fastest growing Web and Digital Marketing agency, providing comprehensive email marketing services to both B2B and B2C clients.

Email marketing is a low-cost and effective approach to communicating with customers.

Email marketing is the most profitable marketing channel online in E-commerce since it adds significant value.

Start building your email list and sending consumers tailored emails.

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Our Approach to email marketing

  • We understand how difficult it is to truly connect with your audience in today's overly crowded market.
  • That is why we do not use generic blasting.
  • Instead, we create targeted emails for your target consumers that have the highest response rate and ROI.
  • Our in-house graphic designers and HTML experts can produce stunning email marketing campaigns for any device or customer.


1 How can I get started with E-mail Marketing?

The first and foremost step is to align and connect your overall marketing goal with your email marketing campaign, make a layout of your contact list, and start your campaign. Always check the effect of the campaign to find deviations and refine them accordingly.

2 Is E-mail marketing still an effective tool?

Yes, e-mail marketing is still an effective marketing tool. Because the whole strategy is affordable and more over the content in e-mail marketing is very crisp and attracts the audience easily.

3 Can Companies' sales hike by using E-mail Marketing campaigns?

Email marketing may assist organisations in expanding their reach, increasing conversion rates, connecting with their target audience, and increasing revenue. If you're like 81 percent of company owners, you're already experiencing the benefits of email marketing as part of your digital marketing plan.

4 How often do most marketers email their list?

We gathered some statistics to demonstrate how frequently marketers contact their subscribers. According to our poll, 33.3 percent of marketers sent weekly emails, while 26.7 percent sent monthly emails.