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Dominate the search engine rankings with world-class SEO services exclusively focused on the success of your business. Partner with Mindmade Technologies to grow your business quickly, amplify traffic to your website, catapult revenue, and stay ahead of your competition.

At Mindmade, we devise SEO strategies based on 4Gs

  • Generate Traffic
  • Generate Customers
  • Generate Revenue
  • Generate Business Boom

With our empiric SEO solutions, start generating plentiful search traffic to your business website today.

Partner with the Best SEO Company with Answers

The core of our SEO services is about knowing and understanding the customer needs and demands for a successful commercial enterprise. That being the case, if you are looking to impart an effective onrush to your business, our SEO services could be an ideal fit for you.

A customized SEO push from us provides an all-in-one solution to your business's digital prospects. On top of this, our SEO services will guarantee that your most valuable audience finds you online effortlessly without you devoting much time and investing exorbitant money.

As an SEO Service Company, our only goal is to optimize your visibility online

Many small and medium-sized business face the same problem over and over again. With consumers increasingly going digital, business realize the importance of digital prospects but don’t know how to get there. Our elite SEO team listens to you, understands your pain points, and presents you with a winning SEO strategy that guarantees Traffic, Customers, and Revenue.

Your Problem, Our SEO Solution

Regardless of the size, start-ups, small or mid-size business, most of them likely come across the following digital troubles.

  • Though you have done everything right, your website is not showing up on Google search results
  • Your website traffic has dropped all of a sudden, and you have no idea why
  • Your volume of inquiries and sales leads declining abruptly
  • You are a new business owner and want to launch a new website and get your brand known all over
  • You have a successful business already and now you want to market your products/services online to the customers
  • You want your products/services accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime through a digital platform
  • You want to establish credibility online as a growing commercial enterprise

Do any of the above situations/issues ring a bell?

Get ready to end your digital issues you are in the safe hands of Mindmade.

We have the finest SEO pundits who are action-oriented and love digital challenges. Our SEO experts are well-experienced in helping business of all sizes achieve exponential growth, from start-ups to small business, mid-size to large corporations, regional to national franchises.

Our SEO team stays current with the technology trends. They put the most skillful efforts to stay ahead of the game to deliver actionable insights that drive revenue for you. At any given time, Mindmade is serving numerous SEO clients and providing optimization solutions to respond to Google’s constantly changing algorithm.

Enterprising SEO Methodology of Mindmade

Today, staying relevant in an ever-changing search landscape is crucial for any business. Investing in the right SEO services customized to your business needs, demands, expectations, and target customers could be the key differentiator. Going for cheap SEO services or opting for outdated SEO strategies and tactics will not work. You need to partner with a dependable SEO company to maintain a robust online presence and seemingly work with your existing marketing endeavors.

Being a customer-centric SEO company, Mindmade works closely with our clients to develop tailor-made SEO strategies that ensure results. Our enterprising SEO methodology is principally developed around the following processes.


Identify key performance indicators (KPIs), conversion tracking, and do extensive keyword research.


In-depth site audit, competitive benchmarking, site analytics review, on-site technical issues.


Prioritization of the most vital SEO aspects, ensuring all SEO efforts deliver quick & targeted results.


Website optimization with high-performing keywords, site structure improvement & business listings management, social media management campaigns.


Gain actionable insights on organic traffic, bounce rate, click-through rates, and conversion rate & improve optimization strategies.


Taking proactive actions to match the most recent algorithm updates and market trends.

Get Your Business Discovered Online With Our SEO Services

Now business can create soaring revenue growth with Mindmade's definitive SEO Services. Our full range of SEO services is designed to ensure you get through your customers through the right channels. With our sharp SEO strategies, our clients can get to more relevant audiences.

  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research & Strategy
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Link Building
  • Local SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • E-Commerce SEO
  • SEO Content Marketing
  • Technical SEO Audit

A crucial step that presents a clear direction to improved site rankings

The Technical SEO Audit process is to check for glitches that can hurt your site rankings and ensure that your website is duly optimized. There are various steps involved in this audit, including crawling + indexing the site, fixing redirects, removing duplicate content, restricting indexation, providing URL parameters, channeling on-page and off-page analysis, checking mobile-readiness of the site, reviewing sitemap, testing site speed, auditing backlinks, and more. The objective is to provide a roadmap for a technically sound website, giving it the best chance for ranking higher.

As one of the top React JS companies in India, we harness the might of ReactJS to develop unparalleled, functional, responsive, user-friendly websites and web applications for our clients globally. ReactJS, as an open-source front-end JavaScript library, has been the most preferred choice for business of different sizes and segments.

Keyword Research & Strategy

We are a company that fully understands your niche and can improve your site rankings for specific keywords. Our team of SEO specialists will assess the existing keywords in your website, gather your keyword wish list, and perform additional keyword research to come up with a fresh list of keywords that might be critical for your site and the competitive space. When we build the list of targeting keywords for your site, we typically run an elaborated analysis of your competitors, search volumes, relevancy, and so on and line up with the most fitting list of keywords for individual pages.

Landing Page Creation

The most significant page that inspires specific action from your visitors and prospects. It leads your audience to a particular service, product, or offer and motivates them to take action. The primary objective of a Landing Page is to optimize the user experience when visiting a website. Apart from optimizing for the call to action, the Landing Page of a site can make it more apparent to track and analyze audience actions and modify as needed. From SEO outlook, Landing Pages are set to be on subject and optimized for conversions.

Link Building

Links continue to be one of the most crucial search engine ranking factors in Google and other SEs. Our SEO experts understand that the content of a website is important, but what places websites rank higher are the links that direct to them. We master the technique of gathering quality inbound hyperlinks from other websites to your website for the interest of fixing your site more visible to search engines and visitors.

Local SEO

With Google progressively favoring local search results, Local SEO has become more imperative than ever. We optimize your business website for local search, and we guarantee the search engines identify your company and your target location/area. Likewise, we improve your map listing and substantiate that your business enterprise gets the local visibility it merits. Our goal here is to help visitors find you over your competitor.

On-Page SEO

In the intensely competitive internet world, high-quality content together with appropriate On Page SEO can create a massive difference in the search results. Our SEO gurus bring out singular, original, and relevant content, optimize your headlines & subheaders, and HTML tags and employ high-quality images. Our goal here is to help your business function like a fine tuned machine adjusted for the highest level of performance that keeps you ahead of the competition.

Off-Page SEO

Through our Off-Page SEO services, we ensure that your website is popular on the internet that categorically gets you more visibility.

Apart from increased visibility in search engines, our Off-Page SEO strategies will help improve your site position in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

E-Commerce SEO

With our super-productive eCommerce SEO services, you can offer your customers from across the globe a convenient 24/7 online shopping experience. Our dynamic SEO teamwork is great with platforms like Shopify, Opencart, Magneto, Woo Commerce, and more. You would be able to help your brand rise above the rest and achieve excellence.

SEO Content Marketing

Our seasoned Content Writing professionals develop SEO-friendly website copies, share-worthy blogs, online columns, or even optimize existing pages of your site with more relevant content. We undertake in-depth research on client's business before creating original, simple, clear, and engaging content that leads visitors and prospects down the sales funnel. Besides, we ensure that our content helps you build a long-lasting relationship with your customers.


1Does duplicate content affect SEO?

While duplicate material is not strictly a penalty, it can nonetheless have an influence on search engine results. May incur ranking and traffic losses if duplicate content SEO happens.

2 if we change our website content, what happened to our keyword rank?

If you fully remodel the site layout and page content, you will undoubtedly observe some keyword ranking losses or boosts, depending purely on the material you write for your website

3 what exactly are “keywords” for seo?

A "keyword" is a single word or phrase entered into a search engine to discover a product, service, or information.

4 Why seo is so important to business?

SEO is vital since it ensures that search results are balanced. The higher you rank in search engine results pages, the more visits and visitors your website will receive. SEO also enhances user experience, increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases. Above all, SEO is inexpensive.